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A company that presents residence in Mallorca due to the location and simplicity of the island, with flights for all the countries of Europe and a large part of the world with connection between 1 and 3 hours.

We started this group of professional players with the name UNITY because we believe in teamwork. Our philosophy is a way for all parties to enjoy the process and give their maximum, so first we try to connect knowledge of different ways, knowledge of the experience (Matias Cáceres) and knowledge of books, university and courses (Vinicius Emanuel de Oliveira), second we know how many professional players built their careers with a very good team behind, and the third and most important goal is to try to show to all our players how hard work, effort, commitment, responsibility, humility and respect help them improve in their careers as well as in life.

Unity is a group where we share training, we share our players, we share our practices with many coaches in the world. We always try to help coaches who exchange knowledge with us because we believe in that way of working, sharing and receiving information from other professionals makes us more experienced every day.

Here tennis is professional tennis, we are training hard because we know that the life of a high-performance athlete requires a lot of sacrifice. We prepare our players to feel able to fight for their dreams, turning on all our passion and determination to work day after day.

Founded in March 2016, the Academy presents more than 3 years with more than 70 players who have passed through it. Following the calendar of players of all levels: Nationals, Tennis Europe, ITF Juniors, ITF Futures, ATP and WTA

We believe in hard work, goals and dreams, so don't be afraid to try something outside your comfort zone. That's when you discover what you really were capable of!
UNITY Tennis

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    He had the experience from the age of 9 years with tennis, started playing national tournaments at the age of 13 and at 17 decides to go to college to learn more about how to prepare a tennis player for the future.

    At 18 he started working in one of the top 10 academies Brazil (ATM Maringa Tennis Academy) where he was a tennis and fitness coach there for 3 years, CEO at V2Tennis Team for more than 2 years, after this presents the great opportunity to go to Spain to learn a little more about tennis at the University of Barcelona a Master's degree in high performance in tennis, and for more experience gets the job in one of the largest tennis academies in the world - Sánchez Casal, working together with very good coaches, finishing his master's.

    Luego pasa más de 3 años en Global Tennis Academy, los últimos dos años fue uno de los entrenadores head coach en este grupo. Ahora con todo este conocimiento y junto con la experiencia de Matias abren Unity Tennis, un grupo muy privado para ayudar a los jugadores a ser un tenista profesionalHe then spent more than 3 years at Global Tennis Academy, the last two years he was one of the head coaches in this group. Now with all this knowledge and together with the experience of Matias, they opened Unity Tennis, a very private group to help players to be a professional tennis player.

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    With 9 years of experience playing interclubs and tournament seasons on the French circuit with a respectable ranking of that circuit, achieving victories against players ranked up to 300 ATP.

    Competing internationally with good results on different tours such as the always prestigious Eddie Herr, Orange bowl.

    Also accompanying as sparring ATP players as the case of Zeballos Horacio best Rank 34 in singles and current world No. 3 in doubles, traveling weeks on the ATP circuit, Roland garros, Monte Carlo, ATP of good airs among others

    Experience as a coach working in Argentina, France, Mexico and Costa Rica before settling in Mallorca, always accompanying players through ITF, FUTURES and ATP/WTA tournaments.