HIGH PERFORMANCE 2 tennis sessions - 2 fitness sessions - Special pre-analysis - Player-specific training - New technologiess


15k 25k over 3 weeks - ITFs tournaments around the world - French tournaments (cash prize) - Spanish tournaments (cash prize) - Tournaments in America U12 U14 U16 - Tournaments for Europe (Tennis Europe - U12 U14 U16)


Sports doctor (bone test, nutrition) - Recovery system - Specific physio for tennis players - Integrate the system with coaches


TTournaments in France as a chance to greatly increase the level of competition due to the number of players and tournaments in a given local of France (Residence, gym and clubs to train with a high level of quality). In France we have a company that performs the tours in conjunction with Unity Tennis.

Recruitment of scholarship tennis players at U.S. universities

Training and preparation of youth players who intend to continue in the professional tennis career along with studies at prestigious American universities. We have a company located in the United States that is responsible for finding convenient scholarships for each player according to their levels, possibilities and choices. We believe in the compatibility of high-performance tennis and studies at American universities that are prepared for this. And in sight are the results of many players who have finished their college career and managed to reach the top 100 ATP and WTA

Unity Tennis

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